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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

Never said I did, I'm just a taxpayer who understands that Griffin who is part of the industry is no idiot. I think even Jim himself praised one of Griffin's speeches even though he thought Griffin needed to go. He made a claim of having info on the "ATK mafia" that he wouldn't back up--but that's ancient history now. Folks at nasaspaceflight have pro-and anti-SLS/HLV battles and do a better job at that than I ever did, so no loss.

Now in Jim's defense, what he says about KSCs crew is correct. They are not irrelevant, as some of the alt.spacers maintain. I'm actually not the one trying to put him or scores of other people out of work. He likes to trash MSFC which enrages me--but he does know his stuff. If you want to know--between Zenit and Delta II, which chills its kerosene and which heats it--he's your man. I actually like Jim.

And your expertise?

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