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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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Little, if anything, in the episode proves that the Dominion is vastly more powerful than the Federation. There is more evidence, in my view, that shows the Dominion is not, though it is not conclusive either way.
You have got to be kidding me. The Federation was losing the war badly for most of the duration of the story arc. Even with the Klingons and Romulans as allies, they were at a disadvantage. The Jack Pack calculated that total defeat was inevitable. We were shown over and over again that even the fraction of the Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant were an overwhelming threat, far more powerful than the good guys. Of course they were, because this is fiction, and the bad guys are always presented as a superior and unstoppable force so that the stakes are as high and dramatic as possible and so that the heroes' eventual triumph is more impressive.

And again, why are we even debating this? The wormhole couldn't have been destroyed. It simply wasn't an option. I recommend you watch the show again, because you don't seem to be remembering it very well.
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