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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man DVD review, discussion thread (poss. spoile

With the webshooters, it's like they wanted the best of both worlds: Peter having them, but not having to explain how a teenager was able to create them all on his own.

Speaking of which, did I misread the scenes, or did Peter pretty much adapt his father's notes and give them to Connors? I know he pored over the notes and Connor's research, but I never got the sense that Peter created it by himself, but he did pass it off as all his own work.

As for Gwen, I'm okay with it, if they intend to introduce Mary Jane further down the line. But, I'm with you 100% on the fact that Peter and MJ belong together, eventually.

I did like the character development with Flash. Raimi's first film was in a rush to get Peter out of high school, which is a shame, since there is so much drama there to mine. This movie, at least seems to recognize that, even though Peter doesn't look or act much like a high school student, aside from attending school. Though, I'm not a fan of him being "emo" which he comes off. Peter being late to class was played more of an attitude thing than a, "I tried my best, but was late because I was rescuing someone" thing. Spider-Man 2 pulled that off so well, it was painful to see that last scene in his school.
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