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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

30) Boogie Nights - A- (1997)
31) Argo (2012) - A
32) Cloud Atlas (2012) - C
33) Flight (2012) - B+
34) Skyfall (2012) - A

I remember when the Bourne Films came out there was talk about Bourne being the next Bond and that Bond might have become out of touch with the mainstream as far as the espionage film goes. Well, I think I can safely say after seeing Bourne Legacy (Which was not all that great) and watching Skyfall last night, Bond is back with a vengeance.

This was a great film, and a lot better than Quantum of Solace. This was the first time really where I really started to believe Daniel Craig was my favorite Bond, after years of thinking it was Pierce Brosnan. He got the mannerisms down better, especially his scenes with the New Q (Who I also really really liked) and Moneypenny. Also, Javier Bardem was a great villain. If there was a minor quibble I had with the film it was that some of the scenes felt like they went on forever (Like the scenes in Shanghi, even though it was great to look at) but those ending scenes and getting to know more of Bond's backstory made up for it. Also really liked how it ended, which brings me to this next point:

Looking forward to seeing where Bond goes next.

Theater: 15 (+1)
BluRay: 9
On Demand/TV: 4
Itunes: 6
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