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Star Trek Fan Reboots

Has anyone tried to reboot StarTrek themselves?

There are a few examples in the written form - for example Jeremy Grunloh's reborn project , redoing the original as a 13part cable drama focusing on the original 3, with a female Admiral Nogura and an elderly Mr Sulu with his daughter Demora.

Another one at MZPtv radically changed the Vulcan/Romulan origins, Scotty was female and Uhura is an ambassador.

What about fan films?

Begins looks to be quite different. Maybe someone could do TOS with a NextGen aesthetic? There are some good alternate designs such as 'Matt Damon Kirk' on DeviantART and Gabe Koerner's Enterprise. For me it's about presenting different ideas for curiosity's sake. There are some uniforms out there that are FC style but in the format of the red wraparounds

How about a merger? A fanfic I saw years ago was Stargate: Deep Space 9 withSisko and crew under the command of Admiral Picard.

What. 'alternate' ideas may work on screen? How would you do things different?
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