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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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A Star Wars TV series is interesting mostly because, if successful, it could inspire Paramount to do a Star Trek series-- hopefully one that ignores the film and maintains the continuity of the original franchise.
There's certainly no requirement for a new Trek TV series to be in the Abrams film continuity, but I don't think returning to the Prime continuity is necessarily the best idea at this point. That's what a lot of the old-school fanbase would prefer, but that's exactly the problem: that fanbase has shrunk considerably and is getting older. In order for ST to thrive again, it needs to win over a new audience, not just cater to the nostalgia of the old one.

I think the Abrams films have opened the door to diversifying Trek continuity, to break free of this obsession with having everything fit (sloppily) together and embrace the freedom of fiction to explore multiple different continuities and interpretations of an idea, the way franchises like Transformers and Godzilla do. It would be much more liberating and bring a lot of freshness and flexibility to it. Heck, Roddenberry himself approached TNG as a soft reboot of the Trek universe, choosing to avoid familiar aliens and quietly disregard those parts of the TOS and film continuity he was unhappy with. And in the preface to his TMP novelization, he pretended that TOS was an inaccurate and exaggerated dramatization of Kirk's "actual" adventures. So the notion that all of Trek has to fit together in a single invariant reality doesn't really reflect Roddenberry's own approach to it. It's more a product of the generation of fans like Ron Moore who grew up to become Trek producers and tied the new shows more strongly into TOS.
Well, as you know, I much prefer the approach of building on something rather than replacing, rebooting, re-imagining or otherwise regurgitating it. Not that reboots are necessarily evil-- there are a few examples that work (e.g. Mystery Incorporated)-- but my preference is to either expand on something or just go ahead and do something new. As you said, TNG was a sequel that was (sufficiently) consistent with TOS that succeeded in growing the Star Trek Universe, while both pleasing old fans and bringing in new ones. There's no reason that can't be done again. All I hope for is that it be artistically and thematically consistent with the original.
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