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Re: Wii U launches on November 18th

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I think what made the first one so successful was its simplicity. They managed to tap into markets that no other console had managed to do before because it was so simple to just pick up and play, including folks in long-term care facilities. That was unheard of and there's no other console that can lay claim to doing that. I fear that the tablet will actually add a layer of complexity that will make it less accessible to the new markets it had created.
I agree with this. With Wii Sports, all you had to do was pretend to throw a bowling ball and your character would do so on screen. Any non-gamer could pick it up and understand the controls perfectly within seconds. That's not the case with the Wii U. Even hardcore gamers will need some time to get comfortable with the new controls.

The only audience I can see for this system are the diehard Nintendo fans. There's enough of them out there to keep a console profitable (for example the Gamecube), but that's a huge step down from the universal appeal of the Wii. Of course, I could be wrong. I had the same doubts about the Wii back in 2006.
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