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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Yeah it definitely stands out more, but I've always thought that model looked kind of cool from the front anyway, so I can live with it.
This shot (i.e. the 2-foot miniature) doesn't bother me so much... except for the visible matte line around the ship -- which is a little inexplicable considering this new shot was digitally composited using original elements, not optically composited.

Still looks leagues better than the crappy NTSC composite.
Very true, but so would an upscaled transfer, like the example we saw on the Season 1 set. At some point though, we have to say that this isn't up to the standards we now expect from TNG HD. Having said that, I can probably live with everything I've seen so far.

It's such a relief though that CBS-D is working on Season 3.

Definitely an upgrade compared to DVD,mbut by far not as grundbreaking as S1 was. S2 looks WORSE. Based on the shots published so far.

I'm so happy S3 is by CBS-D.
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