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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

2x5-Need: Interesting take here the native inhabitants beat the Gou'ald and to keep up appearances the leader of the revolt keeps the people enslaved for their "own good". He then mines the ore and keeps sending it through the gate. It's revealed that the healing power of the Sarcophagus when used on an already healthy individual has side affects, not to unlike addiction. Didn't see that twist coming as a story point. Since Hammond and SG command seemed to agree to help those enslaved and show them how to mine the ore this might be a world worth revisiting?

2x6-Thor's Chariot: This episode officially marks that things are moving faster than I had thought. Having not watched the show my thinking was that "gray Thor" was a product of the show when it went to the Sci-Fi channel. When in season 1 we had the episode Thor's Hammer that was the "groundwork" likely used by Sci-Fi to bring more "sci-fi" elements into the show. Apparently not, this episode clearly shows otherwise. I thought this was going to be a few seasons of mainly visiting worlds that just featured displaced Eath civilzations and how they still function according to the old or deviated from what we know. Almost a default Sliders if you will. While we've gotten some of that we've seen a few more non-human aliens than I thought. Thor's Chariot--no wonder the Gou'ald are fearful of the Asgardians. With a ship like that how is there even a war? I'm guessing then that the Gou'ald have plundered more powerful weapons? Something to make them a worthy threat for the title of war. Is it fair to say that since the Gou'ald are scavenger/warriors they have an overtone of the Borg. They assimilate technology and enslave those they encounter.

Great episode. Has me looking forward to more, especially as it pertains to the Asgardians but also that more avenues of interest will open up.
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