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Re: What happened to the Romulan Empire after Romulus was destroyed

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No my friends. If you use maltusian equation, (althought it's not very accurate predicting long term growth, it will give you approximate idea of what you're dealing with), you get:

N=N(0)*e^growth rate*time
Over 2.3 sextillion Romulans.

Lets say tons of them died in wars and some didn't get to procreate etc, and we have only 2 sextillion in time of the movie.
Very well. Let us calculate the malthusian exponential.
initial population 10000
growth rate 0,02 PER GENERATION (30 years).
67 generations (in 2000 years)

Total number of romulans after 2000 years: 38190.

Of course, the malthusian exponential growth has little validity in the real world:
Humans - or romulans - don't grow like bacteria in a petri-dish, EmperorTiberius. They will NEVER ever reach 2.3 sextillion in number in 2000 years (not even close - by a GIGANTIC margin) - so that you can "generously" subtract 0,3 sextillion.
This, real world history abundantly shows.

With a population of 38190 romulans, I'm pretty sure you won't have more than a few VERY SMALL inhabited towns. So much for the star empire.
I don't understand why you have 38k number there, it's nonsense. Growth rate is calculated per year, not 30 years.
It's quite simple, actually. Actually, I already explained it above:
It is calculated per 30 years in the case of humans (humanoids) because they need 30 years to mature and reproduce AKA grow in number - NOT 1 year.

And that's why you only have ~40000 romulans, as opposed to your mathematical exponential fantasy number.

PS - really? This is supposed to be 'nonsense'?
Let's see some arguments supporting this assertion.

Also, our history is useless in Romulan case. They have warp drive, capability to colonize other planets, so territory is not an issue in the beginning . Most likely medical, foods, and other technologies are far beyond our own. This is ripe ground for tremendeous growth. They would have enormous population
It's not about space.
For your petri-dish/exponential to be an accurate analogy:
EVERYONE needs to have more than 3+ children; but not just any children. ALL these children need to survive until they have just as many children as their parents had; to find a mate; to have just as many children;

This never happened in humanity's history.
Because it takes a LOT more time, resources and hazard for a human to grow and reproduce than for a bacterium.
Because life was - and is - dangerous and full of hazards (dying, not finding a mate, not having enough children, etc, etc).
Because resources are scarce.

In the trekverse, even more so than in ours. Also true with regards to resources - we have quite a few lines in trek (and politically decided massacres of colonies due to lacking supplies, etc) to attest to this.

All this is especially true for pioneering life (empire building) or war times - which are the romulan national sports.

As such, our history is highly relevant.
Certainly FAR more relevant than a simplistic exponential - Which goes double when one considers that exponential curves are only mathematical abstractions: in the physical world, these curves always stop - sooner, rather than later.
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