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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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This is not to say that the Solow & Justman book is beyond reproach, either. It gives an account of a deal made with a toy company that is likely incorrect. It makes claims about Grace Lee Whitney that the actress has disputed. It certainly tells a skewed version of Harlan Ellison's experience on the show.
Now you are getting it: unlike Zombie, you seem to understand that books--no matter the age--can be disputed, while at the same time, contain information that has been confirmed as true.

This is nonsense. Enterprise was a problematic series with a few highs and too many lows, but it was no more incompatible with past episodes of the franchise than...well, any other installment of the franchise. Hell, the original was often all over the place in terms of continuity.
Talk about nonsense. One of the biggest criticisms of ENT (other than being an abysmal concept), was the constant tossing of continuity or retconning anything whenever it suited the hair-thin "writing."

This link just scratches the surface of that thankfully cancelled nightmare:

The point about Star Trek--The Motion Picture is that it threw out much of the original series (especially, but not limited to, its visual aesthetic) in favor of trying out something new. That it was still in continuity with the original series isn't something I see being objected to.
What you seem to miss is Zombie's hardline stand that TMP is not the same continuity as TOS--including the characters. Such a thought is woefully ignorant of the how and why a writer is tasked to create a beliveable explanation for the passage of time between series and movie. That member seems to think its another animal altogether if the characters as presented in 1979 do not behave in the same way as 1969. That is not writing, but some sort of garbled misunderstading of the necessity of charcater growth.

If a return to a storyline/production--after ten years--means attempting to play characters as they were last seen, then there is no growth, and that applies to the art direction as well. However, this is not the pointless "reimagining" claim, but addressing what is expected: character evolution, otherwise (as noted several posts ago), TMP would have been a "let's get that EXACT old feeling again" exercise in rehash seen in TV reuinion movies such as Rescue from Gilligan's Island, where you have older actors/characters trying to play things in 1978 as though it was the exact same situation as that series' last episodes from 1967.

There is a clear difference, but some are hell-bent on making claims that cannot be justified and run away from offering anything even remotely standing on the side of fact.
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