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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man DVD review, discussion thread (poss. spoile

I rented it from RedBox, so no extras for me. I have to agree with most of your assessments. However, I found myself liking Rosemary Davis and Cliff Robertson as May and Ben Parker better than Field and Sheen.

I did not like the Lizard's plan, though. I can't fully explain it, but it seemed too cliched. I did like Connors saving Peter though.

What really upset me was the constant unmaskings. I understand it's a problem with a movie like this that your lead constantly has their face hidden, but that's something you need to accept about the premise.

I'm also confused by the point in webbing those cars. If it was because there might be soemone in the car, like in the case of the boy, then why didn't Spider-Man hang around long enough to rescue all of them. If it was to prevent them falling into the is that supposed to work? How were they supposed to save those vehicles before the webbing disintegrated?

I came away from this thinking it really was a pointless reboot. The little it had to offer different from the Raimi movies was the angle about his parents, but that was more tease than anything else. Now it seems they intend to use that for the sequel, but will it be too little, too late at that point? I missed the heart that was in Raimi's trilogy and I found myself liking more of the characters in that movie than in this one.
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