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Re: Fringe 5x06 - "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found The

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Listening to Walter's instructions about what steps to take, all I can think of is...

"Let's do the time-warp again!"
I was thinking eactly the same thing....

Procutus wrote: View Post

Those markings on the door seem oddly familiar.

And who the bloody hell is filming Walter and the Observer-Kid?
NCC1701MF wrote: View Post
Can't see the dots so not sure if those glyphs on the doors spelled anything.

The next glyph is L.
Is this the first time the glyphs have been atually referenced WITHIN the show? Who made them up?
I believe at the end of the pilot episode we saw one of the Glyphs as a touch panel to a lab at Massive Dynamic.
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