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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Murder is killing someone in a illegal fashion Edit_XYZ . What Kurn was requesting was very obviously not murder in the Klingon culture, and it's not clear if it was considered murder in Bajorian territory.

First - murder is illegal and immoral across all Earth's cultures (real-world, T'Girl).
Plunging a knife inside one's chest is murder - illegal and immoral.

Assisted suicide - real world:
It only applies in very few countries and in VERY RESTRICTIVE CONDITIONS: the victim must be suffering from a very painful/deadly condition, in its terminal stages;
there must be objective assessment and oversight;
etc, etc.
Being suicidal because one's depressed and in need of psychiatric help is NOT one of these very painful/deadly conditions - it's not even in the vicinity of close, T'Girl.

DS9 is under federation/starfleet jurisdiction - and both Sisko and Worf made it clear that Worf snuffing his brother IS murder as per federation/human law and morals.

Klingon culture - a joke, considering it's implausible to a ridiculous degree.
One could never build a society - beyond prison inmates level - with some of the values klingons were shown as having. The 'snuffing one's brother - because he was humiliated and is depressed - is OK and moral' being one of these values.

Should "the victim" be in a place where assisted suicide is legal, but they don't wish to commit suicide, then their personal wishes very much enter into it.

I live in Washington State, yes it is "okay" to assist someone in committing suicide here.
Under what conditions is it OK to 'assist' someone to commit suicide in your state? Because they're feeling depressed, T'Girl? With what objective assessment? Etc, etc.
Do look it up.

And let's be clear - even in the very few places and cases where assisted suicide is legal; it is MORALLY very gray.

only the ability to walk and talk? Really?
Oh, I never said "only" walk and talk. Is this yet another example of a strawman argument on your part?

You know, it okay to actually read my posts Edit_XYZ.
You might want to follow your own advice and read your own posts, T'Girl:
"Nobody is saying that what used to be Kurn's mind was wiped completely clean, it retained the ability to walk and talk. What was removed was Kurn himself."

So - completely clean except walking and talking. No other exceptions indicated or alluded to by you.

Feel free to verify what I've just said ...
I looked up the facts prior to my posting, feel free to do so yourself on occasion.
Have you?
You give the impression of the contrary, T'Girl:
You didn't even properly reread your own post.

doctors have permission to perform extremely dangerous procedures ...
Oh, I never said it was a extremely dangerous procedure,
Is this an example of a strawman argument like you were referring to earlier?
No, T'Girl.
This is an example of you taking a statement out of context, so that you can attack it.
In other words, it's a blatant staw-man on your part.

My original statement:
"Did you know that, legally, doctors have permission to perform extremely dangerous procedures on a patient if these procedures are the only way to save the patient's life? "
If the procedure is not 'extremely dangerous', it's obvious the doctors have permission to perform it - when they have permission to perform even the 'extremely dangerous' ones.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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