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Re: Leaving in an escape pod in Cause and Effect...

Skele-Tom wrote: View Post
If that were the case, would they have been removed from the ship during the next loop or would they be... duplicated? This is just a hypothetical question I thought of while I was watching it. I'm curious what you guys think.
There's a similar situation with the reset in Voyager's Year Of Hell. Janeway tells the other ships to deactivate their protection from the effect, but whats to say everyone heard the message?

The thing from the Bayou wrote: View Post
I wondered the same thing when I first saw it. It just occurred to me, what if someone left the ship via shuttlecraft for a routine mission before things went south?
The Enterprise didn't exist for 17 days. The shuttle would have returned to the area and no ship would be waiting for them. Go for help I suppose

The Bozeman though is more complex. For 99% of the time it was trapped there was no Enterprise for it to crash into to create the incident, so why was it in a loop?
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