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Re: VOTE today! And is the Federation a democracy?

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What I described isn't even about values, per se. I described an inevitable, objective scenario -- that when not made accountable to the full society in the form of a democratic mandate, any ruling class will become corrupted by power and begin oppressing the masses, who will in turn become resentful. A lack of democracy will inevitably produce class conflict.
What if the ruling class must preserve a facade of democracy? What if you have a corrupt oligarchy composed by people too smart to provoke the people by openingly oppressing it?
No such thing. Any system of unaccountable, autocratic elites will eventually see that elite class revert to corruption, incompetence, and oppression. It is the nature of power that it corrupts and seeks to ever-expand, and it is the nature of unaccountable power to produce lesser and lesser competence. It may take more time or less, but eventually that "point of non-return" will always be reached.
Personally I think that in the worst case democracy is, paraphrasing Churchill, the best form of government that has been tried so far, and would strongly prefer it over current/described oligarchies. I have, however, some objections:

1. I should have been much more clear; I'm not talking about a compact, uniform oligarchy. There is no "class war", all the de facto power, and let's say (to simplify for the love of brevity) that game theory makes unquestionably dominant the "live your rich life and watch" strategy.
2. What if democracies are also a failure on the long run? We have no notion of a democracy standing up for more than about two centuries, and we can see the american system does have some cracks (it is not to me to judge how bad they are). In this case the "point of non-return" will eventually be reached by any government. [ of course citing the Federation would be pretty circular ]

By the way keep in mind that I think, as expressed, that the Federation IS a democracy because of the way its citizen think, astonishingly and wonderfully coherent with the democratic point of view.
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