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Re: Ensigns of Command question..

The whole galaxy knew? How?
Because Data would tell them. Clearly, Data was pro-survival, so he wouldn't stay behind and get killed, meaning he'd be an excellent messenger.

Is that why England surrendered as soon as Germany started firing those missiles at them in WW2?
Umm, you're getting the timeline a bit wrong there. England was certain of winning the war already when the first missiles fell.

Australia has sent troops to the middle east, and we're not the most powerful nation in the world.
It's not as if anybody could strike back at you, though.

There's the good old joke about the Lithuanian who gets three wishes from the good fairy. Three times, he asks for China to invade Lithuania, for an obvious reason: China would have to march through Russia six times! Buffer nations are an important concept in the waging of wars, and a reason not to go for actual wars of conquest too often.

In this episode, however? It would not have been a battle, but rather a slaughter.
True of the Alamo, too. I just pick that as an example because it's one of those events where the defender could have fled, as opposed to the numerous events where the defender had no option but to die.

... so it made no sense for the people to stay and be destroyed with it.
I wonder if Gosheven insisted on destroying the aqueduct and all the other achievements before pulling out?

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