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Re: The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Discussion

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I liked Wil Wheaton's house number

Sheldon is really a douchebag to Amy. I know he's unaware of how people react to his actions, but surely he's picked some stuff up from tv shows at least.
I actually thought that Amy was terrible and that Sheldon had no obligation to stand up for her in a situation that she created.
Agreed. Being the cause of the problem and then expecting Sheldon to take her side just because she's his girlfriend is incredibly immature. She was the one who should have been apologizing (to both Sheldon and Wil), not Sheldon.
Yeah and a normal boyfriend would have taken her to task for her behaviour in a civil manner.. maybe it would have led to a fight if Amy still insists she's right but you can't avoid all fights.

With Big Bang of course it's being played to comedic effect by making Sheldon totally clueless about applied social interaction (he could talk all day about cultural and social habits but applying it is beyond him).

Penny was pretty evil this episode slipping Sheldon Long island Ice Tea's And the way Sheldon chugged them down made me cringe and look forward to the next scenes.. Sheldon/Jim Parsons plays a pretty funny drunk.

For a while i even expected it would lead to drunken sex between Sheldon and Amy when he came to her place to apologize.
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