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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Yes that is a very good explanation! Also odd though was that on one at SG1 commented on this.
There are two explanations for that too. Either the Goa'uld all look alike to them, or nobody wanted to tell Daniel that his wife is cheating on the alien she left him for. The probalby didn't tell him the Goa'uld had been watching her sex tape on those communication balls, either.

The Light: The team goes to an opium palace and spends half the episode tripping on a giant lava lamp. They were the lucky ones though as another whole team dies from going cold turkey. They are cured after spending three weeks in rehab, presumably doing work sent through the gate by Hammond so they don't die of boredom. I would have liked to have seen O'Neill treating Hammond like room service and ordering all manner of things to eat and occupy himself with.
That had some interesting elements, like Daniel on his balcony. Between that episode and the Mephisto episode where you saw the address on the front of his building, we can probably figure out where Daniel lives and steal a bunch of spankin' cool artifacts.

They could've had a follow-up to the episode where they travel to the boy's home planet to find out who else in the galaxy is sending out teams of archeologists, which could've gone in some interesting directions for a Daniel-centric episode or two.
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