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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Absolute Power: So it seems when two vaguely brownish people have a baby BUT they both have snakes in their heads their offspring is Asian. I do hope this fascinating biological factlet is explained in a future episode. Of course the other explanation is that the Harcesis can make himself look however he likes and so took a pleasing image from the temple folk he was hanging out with.

Thank goodness for his foster mom because it seems he could really screw things up for a lot of people if he didn't have all that mental discipline.
The simplest explanations are often best. To the Goa'uld we all look alike, so Apophis doesn't suspect that the father of Amaunet/Sha're's baby is, quite obviously, the system lord Yu. All of us would realize that in heartbeat.

Actually, I don't know if the show ever even implied that, but it really would've made an interesting twist and explain why Amaunet was desperately hiding her baby from Apophis - and blaming everyone else for kidnapping the kid. As soon as Apophis saw the child he'd know Amaunet had been cheating on him with Yu, plotting behind his back, and would have her executed, along with Yu's illegitimate harsesis spawn.
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