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Re: I need to run this by some people...

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This, I have to hear more about, in detail!
It would be really interesting from the perspective of someone who's been looking in to human sexuality quite seriously....
Pretty much this:

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"I may be new to individuality, but I'm not ignorant of human behavior. I've noticed your attempts to engage me in idle conversation. And I see the way your pupils dilate when you look at my body."

Even the Borg can tell.
Although, actually saying that line, while it would totally work on me, most would probably find it awkward and off-putting.

This article is mostly accurate, but doesn't include everything. Most of the other stuff I got from a quick Google search are "Guys, increase your game!" and "How to tell if that guy you like is into you" articles that are either mostly bullshit or misapplying the research. One of the big ones not mentioned in that article is touch. With heterosexuals, when there's some mutual attraction going on, the woman will usually touch the man. Brushing a piece of lint off his sleeve, grabbing his forearm while laughing excessively at one of his lame jokes, touching his hand when saying something sincere, that sort of thing. If a man does this sort of thing to a woman before she does it to him, it usually comes off as very awkward. Gay people do this too, but being the same sex either one of them can do it without making things awkward.

Although, it's difficult to apply this stuff to non-research purposes, like those 'improve your game" articles. These things could have other reasons for occurring that people dismiss. Looking for these things in someone that one is attracted to almost always leads to people seeing what they want to see; they notice one thing that fits the behavior and then assume the person is interested in them. I look for these things, but I don't make positive assumptions based purely on them. The touch thing is probably the primary thing I look for, as it seems to be the most consistent. However, I don't assume a woman is interested in me if she touches me, rather, I assume she's not interested unless she touches me. When it does happen, I look for other reasons. Like, if a woman trips near me and grabs my forearm, it probably means she just didn't want to fall on her ass.
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