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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

While I doubt there is anything that would compel me to watch Caprica again (just way too messy and unfocused of a plotline) - I'm really pleased to see its influence in B&C, and pleased that I invested the time in Caprica to understand just what it means when Adama's organized crime family background is brought up. Definitely adds depth to the story thus far - especially when the attractive programmer brings up her work on the Cylons.

Count me in as someone having a difficult time accepting why Syfy was so quick to close down any possibility for this series going forward. Unless the pilot goes completely off the rails in the remaining installment, the only possible reason for not continuing the show is cost. I know the business is all about bottom line - but I see a HUGE potential upside for this show. It has a chance to reach audiences on a visceral level, without being bogged down in the melodrama of nBSG or Caprica.

I thought the clangs and clunks used to hide the profanity were rather amusing. Kinda ingenious.
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