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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Acamar III, the home world that the Gatherers left.
B is for Benny Russell, the 20th century black science fiction writer that the Wormhole Prophets caused Benjamin Sisko to imagine that he was.
C is for corbomite, an imaginary substance that makes the Enterprise invincible.
D is for Dathon, captain of the Tamarian ship encountered by the Enterprise-D in early 2368.
E is for Esteban, the captain of the Grissom who got his ship blown up in one shot.
F is for Farragut, James T. Kirk's very first assignment after graduating from the Academy in the Prime timeline.
G is for Garrovick, captain of the Farragut.
H is for Harcourt Fenton Mudd.
I is for impulse engines.
J is for Jellico. Captain of the Enterprise for a few episodes of TNG.
K is for Koloth, nemesis of James T. Kirk and dear friend of Curzon Dax.
L is for Ligonians, 'nuff said.
M is for Miranda-class starship, one of the most common Federation deep space vessel designs for almost a century.
N is for Nurse Chapel. She had a damp spot for Spock.
O is for Oberth-class starships, another common sight.
P is for Prometheus-class, an experimental starship design of the mid-2370s armed with ablative armor and other advances.
Q is for Quantum slipstream drive.
R is for Rand. Yeoman and later Commander Janice Rand.
S is for Spock. That green-blooded sonofabitch.
T is for Tagus III.
U is for UESPA.
V is for Vendikar.
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