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Great capture, DoubleOh!

Some snaps after climbing up the 311 steps of Monument... the view was worth it though. In surprisingly good shape, considering it was built in the 1670's!

Spiral staircase, no lift!

One of the "window" slits along the narrow stairway.

The fence surrounding the observation area - apparently too many people were tempted to jump!

The Shard, tallest building in the European Union (can't wait to get on the observation deck of that once it is opened next year!). Some of the dark blotches are due to trying to focus through the fence.

The Gherkin, so close, almost right on top of us.

St Paul's Cathedral.

The London Eye in the distance... the whole area surrounding Monument seems to be under continuous serious construction. For some, everything is booming apparently!

The sun quickly dipped behind the buildings before I could notice!

"Out there.... thataway."

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