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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I don't recall an episode where we actually see the ship disappear before the explosion fully covers it. Not saying you are wrong, it's just that I can't remember something like that. Any examples?
The first ones that springs to mind is the shuttle carrying Data, Worf and Picard in Best of Both Worlds pt 2, and the shuttle carrying Data in The Most Toys. (Not that the ship just pops out before the explosion, the explosion is almost all over it before the remaining ship disappears.)

And to be fair, I think a lot of the ones I'm picturing in my mind might be like the Lantree in Unnatural Selection, where it doesn't disappear too early, it's just that all the parts of the ship explode independent of each other at the same time and leave nothing behind. Not much they can do about that I suppose without changing the content more than they have been doing so far. I doubt they'll add debris to any destructions that didn't have it before.

Flicking through a few episodes, I'll fully admit I might have been judging too harshly based only on memory, but there was definitely a trend towards having an explosion overlay lead to absolute disintegration because it was cheaper to do.
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