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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

Set Harth - Be honest. How old were you when you saw Star Wars for the first time? Because unless you were in your twenties or something that comment is just kind of odd. A new trilogy with a new generation of characters should totally also want to appeal to a new generation of viewers, just as most franchises handle their appeal.

I like the hint of the lead being a young woman. And let's remember they are in no way bound to the EU, so they could easily give Luke a sole female child for these movies (or alternately - and perhaps more plausibly - the girl could be his granddaughter.)

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So there you have the ability to get Hamill, Ford and Fischer back in the movie, as a bridge to focusing the action on younger and prettier actors.
Which is basically what we've all been saying in this entire thread.
Sssh. Temis is addressing the strictly imaginary contingent who assumed that the new trilogy will be an Old People Reunion like the TOS films, as Temis has been doing all along.
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