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Re: World Of Warcraft?

My computer crapped out and I have barely touched Pandaria. But I do intend to get to it once I get a new computer. I was very upset over the stupid panda girls having all the same face which means I won't be converting my troll hunter at all

As usual when I haven't played for a while I miss my orc main. I am stupidly attached to her. Reputation grinds I don't mind at all, did the Insane title a long time ago and have about 55 reps exalted anyway. Not impressed with the title you get for 60 reps exalted ("the Beloved") so when I do get there I won't be changing from the Insane.

I'm happy people seem impressed with Pandaria, all the pre-release bitching was depressing LOL. My favorite expansion is still BC.

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