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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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Destroying the Wormhole could have been a morale buster for Sisko. It might have turned the Bajorans against the Federation, since all they would be hearing is that the Wormhole was destroyed by the Founders because of Sisko. The loss of their gods can have had big affects on the Bajorans. And if you keep telling a lie over and over eventually enough people will come to believe it.
But how would that have helped the Founders in any way if, by destroying the wormhole -- their only way of reaching the Alpha Quadrant -- they gave up any hope of conquering, or even being relevant to, that quadrant at all? That's the dealbreaker. Destroying the wormhole would've meant forfeiting the war. The Alpha Q. side could've benefitted from destroying the wormhole because it would've protected them from the invaders. But the Dominion were the invaders. They started the war. They needed the wormhole in order to win it.
They needed the Wormhole to win the war quickly. Otherwise The Dominion were making ships and growing Jem'Hadar faster than the Klingons and Federation could build ships and train crews. I believe those reason were cited by the Romulans for not joining the Federation-Klingon Alliance.
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