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Enterprise season 2 was so terrible, it's like they just weren't trying that year. Season 1 established some story threads that could have made excellent stories, there was potential in the dreaded Temporal Cold War which even had the side element of those aliens whe picked on the innocent Suliban and put them in internment camps then tried to spy on Captain Archer. Meanwhile the Vulcan-Andorian conflict was interesting and the source of some of the best story material in the whole series. and even the space boomers was a concept which was intriguing. These all only get lipservice in season 2 because apparentally we need remakes of previous Trek episodes and movies or even other science fiction movies, need to bring in the Borg, need to bring in an ancestor of Duras and then do nothing with the relation. And so after a year of practically ignoring established story threads which could have enriched the show, it is finally decided the show needs a new direction, becaus the old one just isn't working out.

Yeah, that's totally the worse season and the one that was most poorly handled of all Trek.
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