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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

Not bad. While nothing about this jumps out and makes me say "totally awesome" webisodes 1 and 2 were decent and enjoyable.

On th nitpick side, the Viper simulator Adama was in at the start of webisode 1 seems just a bit too advanced for this point in the BSG verse. That thing could rival Trek holodecks.

Expanded hangar deck and CIC annoy me a bit. Okay, yes, this is supposed to be Galactica in its hey day as opposed to the series which showed Galactica about to be retired. But all they seem to be doing is showing off differences which otherwise have no real relevance to the plot. This feels like whenever Star Trek does alternate futures where we see the ship look different and dwell on it for no particular reason.

And speaking of Star Trek, Adama gazing out the window at Galactica for the first time was total Trek XI. Although I did enjoy the music playing, a combination of the drumbeats from the BSG mini and the classic BSG theme. That was cool.

Having the swear words get covered over with sound effects got annying very quickly, I'll be glad to have the unrated version when its out so that I can actually hear the words. Particularly stupid was one point in part 1 where Coker refers to his former pilot as an asshole, and the tool noice of censorship covers up the "hole" part. So saying "ass" is okay, but "hole" has to be censored out? What's the point of this anyway, didn't SyFy allow swearing in its previous BSG webisodes? At the very least, I remember hearing cocksucker in the Razor webisodes.

And finally, I'm sick of all the damn lens flares.
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