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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

Now here's an interesting rumor, that gets around the dilemma of the OT actors being too old and fugly to draw in the global blockbuster movie crowd:

There are two trilogies planned, all following an original overview by Lucas, which was always planned as a multi generational saga. Movies 10 - 12 are from my understandingabout the offspring of the Skywalkers, set many years later with the surviving cast playing much older versions of themselves and featuring a female protagonist named Skywalker. This is something that I understand is being discussed as the latest trilogy may end up being an amalgamation of the two using themes and ideas from both, but still keeping the general story, also allowing for continuity of cast.
Luke doesn't have a daughter in the EU - yet. So there you have the ability to get Hamill, Ford and Fischer back in the movie, as a bridge to focusing the action on younger and prettier actors.

I personally would want Disney eventually to show us the story of how Young Miss Skywalker came to be. But there's an infinite span of time ahead of us for them to delve into all that.

Right now, they are in the same position as Star Trek, only less dire. People know the brand but they have the notion that it's irrelevant and kind of sucky. One kickass movie, and All Will Be Forgiven.

There's also speculation about a live TV series, but we've heard that song and dance before...
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