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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

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Just watched webisodes #1 & #2 and I can say "I'm all in". Nice nods to Caprica and NuBSG. Didn't much care for the "new and expanded" flight deck, took away from the reality they were trying to create, Ended up being more of a distraction than anything else. Acting so far is pretty good and story is fairly engaging so far. Only thing that comes to mind as for why SciFi tanked this (so far) is cost. Looks expensive as hell and could use a little further visual refinement.

Yea, and not just cost, but, resources also. It took them a year to do the effects, they couldn't possibly run a 13 or 20 episode a year series like that.
I don't get that, they did it all digital to save money, and even if it took a while to get all the digital sets created, now that they have them shouldn't the process be quicker going forward?
Sanctuary apparently had a 39 week cycle to produce an episode from start to finish, but, they had a routine down, with numerous episodes in the pipeline at a time, in different stages. So, I'm guessing even having "Standing CGI Set Files" doesn't really make the process fly quickly. Yea, the intention was to save money, but, I think they were surprised by the resources involved (IE: you could do it cheaper, but, it would take forever. To get it done on a TV Series schedule you'd need to throw more resources at it, which would drive the cost up)
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