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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Well now. Interesting. I was just running an arbitrary search, as I have occasionally over the years, for any recent Exeter news. If I'm reading this right, and things are on the level, Exeter's 2nd episode is being reedited for release, including the allusive Tag.

I wouldn't bore you folks with any of this were it not for the odd fact that I may be the only human on the planet who has seen the Teaser and just kind of held off viewing any more of the thing until it was completed, a task I figured would have taken weeks, maybe months. That was awhile ago.

Over the years, any time I've had an inkling to see if anything was happening with the project, I've resisted the small temptation to view the episode past the opening scene. As it is, I haven't revisited the Teaser in years.

So. Cudos!

Incidentally, I'm no fundamentalist, but I absolutely love that Gene L Coon quote. His work is the best of the original series. IMHO.

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