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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Scotty wrote: View Post

Would you like an added CGI Jabba The Hutt with that?
An unfinished sequence enhanced to fit into continuity to allow its inclusion. How awful.

So yes, if there's a deleted scene with a hutt in it that adds to the episode by being completed, Make it so.

Harvey wrote: View Post
They haven't found the footage to make many extended episodes; money probably wouldn't solve that problem. Agreed about the lack of commentaries, though. CBS is just being cheap by not including them. Considering that The Prisoner, made twenty years before Star Trek: The Next Generation, managed to include commentaries on seven (out of 17) episodes, there's really no reason why they couldn't get together more than a few people in a recording studio for this.
The money/time is assuming they haven't been through everything - various interviews suggest they've they've only looked where they knew they had to. They only made an extended MOAM because they had a rough cut to reference. Would they have looked without it?

The biggest comparison for me would be Doctor Who, where we have commentaries on 95% of episodes, some 49 years old. Even odd deleted scenes from the 1970s. Often a new documentary per story. (and still WE find things missed to moan about) But on the other hand its taking 13 years to release 150 odd releases at 20 a pop. Mistakes still happen. I'm just glad they weren't released in boxsets.

Just a shame they weren't recorded on 35mm...
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