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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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Honestly it I'd wonder why the Dominion didn't try and destroy the wormhole from the other side after that debacle.
Because it was their only way to the Alpha Quadrant. Without it, all their soldiers and Vorta and undercover Founders on the AQ side would've been completely cut off. It would've meant abandoning the conquest and everyone involved with it. Not only would the Dominion have been reluctant to admit total defeat like that after a single setback, but the Founders would never have been willing to abandon fellow Changelings in that way. (Well, except for that time they sent a hundred of their infants out into the wilderness unprotected, something that's always been hard to reconcile with the rest of what we know about them.)

So even after what happened, they still absolutely needed the wormhole to be intact. They couldn't go through it at the time, but destroying it was simply not an option. They were just biding their time and hoping they could find a way to restore safe passage.
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