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Re: Federation planets and internal revolution

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If I understand right, the Federation itself is not supposed to intervene in member planets' internal affairs. Thanks.
Where'd you get that idea?
Cloud Minders.

Why does the Federation exist? What use is it if it can't do anything?
If a member asks for help, then as a member they would likely receive it. Or if they are invaded or something along those lines. But if a member wishes to treat a problem as a internal matter, then the Federation should remain at a distance.

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A ban on Starfleet interfering with Federation member world affairs was established in TOS already, in "Cloud Minders" where leader Plasus of the member world Ardana threatens to report Kirk's attempts at interference to Kirk's Starfleet superiors.
High Councilor Plasus also said something like; "Federation council orders can not supersede a local government." Not a exact quote.

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Seems like the UFP is a Starfleet dictatorship, don't it?
Seem to me that Starfleet are the general errand boys, not just military operations and exploration, they basically do (almost) everything that need to be done.

In Amok Time, Starfleet sent three (or was it four) Starship crews to a corination/swearing in ceremony on some planet.

A little showing of the flag.

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