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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

Not entirely clear how we're grading here. Is it the episodes released this week or the webseries/Blu-ray movie overall?

Anyway. As has been said the dialogue is a little on the nose, like it's dusting off every movie cliche about hot shot fighter pilots and the veterans who look down at their eagerness, but the effects are very good, the acting is pretty decent (and hey, that boss guy, don't I know him from Continuum? Small world, sci-fi TV) but generally I liked this. It is really heavy on CGI, but the CGI largely works, and the story does seem to be going somewhere interesting.

This does feel like it's better suited to twelve-episode bites than an actual pilot, too - narrow focus on a small cast of characters engaged in specific missions, it's not exactly the sprawling nature of the first episode of BSG's miniseries or the character study of Caprica's pilot. Speaking of, it integrates the stuff we learned in Caprica - Adam's father's ties with the Ha'la'tha, Greystone Industries' involvement in creation of the Cylons - pretty darn well.

Well, anyway. To next week!
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