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Re: It's official! Neil Gaiman episode to feature...(spoilers)

More from Timeboy (I'll say SQUEE): Back to some actual spoilers rather than the "opposition" (you've got to laugh)

The new Cybermen are amazing! I got right up close, but was asked by the castle workers not to take any photos, so I didn't. The castle was open to the public as normal.

They really are stunning. Less knight, armour-like, and more tight silver rubber. The material looked like it was the same as the new series Sontarans, sprayed silver. It was quite a bit like the Cybermen from The Invasion, especially on the arms and lets. They have what looks like a small chest gun in the form of a camera iris sort of shape, kind of strapped onto their chest. They've got guns on their arms like the ones in Army of Ghosts. The head is less angular than the Cybus design, and more smooth and rounded like in Tomb of the Cybermen. They have the corrugated ear pieces, although its very subtle. The mouth is similar to the Tomb design too. It looks like more of a rubber mask than the Cybus "helmets". The handlebars and teardrop eye are still there. The hands look like a man with tight silver washing up gloves on!

They move slowly, although its still in an organised manner, with a choreographer on set. They don't stop at all. They calmly wander towards Clara, almost like zombies. One thing I found a bit distracting was the squeaky noise! Because they're made out of some sort of rubber (shoes included), and obviously they've just been made, there was a really annoying noise. Like when you get a new pair of trainers!

They really have cherry picked the best components of all the Cybermen designs. They've managed to make them more, dare I say it, cloth-like, than I ever thought would be acceptable in 2012/13. There's also a bit of continuity between the Cybus design and these ones, such as the handlebars, teardrops and some of the abdominal section of the suit. But there's no longer any black wiring underneath (as far as I could tell), and they look much slimmer and less bulkier than the Cybusmen. It looks like its only made up of a few pieces, compared to all the sections of arm, leg and chest armour the previous designs had. Looking at the series 2-6 Cybermen now, they look rubbish! They've got the design spot on. They'll go down very well on here I think.

In terms of the scene filmed... The Cybermen appear out of smoke towards Clara, creeping slowly towards her. She grabs a mace, and swings it all over the place, hitting them. It doesn't do anything, so she accepts defeat and throws the mace away in anger, then dodges the Cybermen and escapes! Army people with big guns come and shoot the Cybermen, and the Cybermen fire their arm guns back, hitting some of the soldiers.
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