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breakthrough in near-real-time translation

Rashid says the system has an error rate of about one word in seven or eight - not great, but a good 30 percent better than previous attempts.
that's pretty big. It will take years to get the latency down to milliseconds.

Microsoft shows off real-time translation
November 9, 2012
there is a video at the link demonstrating it..skip to 7:15 in the video for real-time speech-to-text foreign language tranlation.
at 7:35 the audio starts. 20 second delay.

this is an update on the March 2012 article as it mentions
Microsoft's chief research officer Rick Rashid in both articles.

Mr Soong and Mr Rashid work at Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond, Washington.
They created the system with colleagues at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, the company's second-largest research lab.
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