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Re: Revisiting MYSTERY MEN in a post-Avengers world

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This, like Galaxy Quest from the same year, is a wonderful spoof homage to its (at times) over-earnest medium.

Both are sharply written, both are filled with engaged actors, and both understand what they are meant to be - nothing but fun.

I don't need to see follow ups to either, as both hit all the targets they were aiming for. Anything more would be redundant.
Agreed. In spoof movies, the good jokes are often used up the first time around. There may have been a few okay gags in the Austin Powers sequels, but who in their right minds would want to watch one of them instead of the original today?

Similarly, while not as clearly a spoof movie as the aforementioned, while I'd definitely be interested in seeing a Hot Rod 2, it's probably just as well its poor box office means there'll never be one.
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