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Re: life-extension technology in Star Trek (or lack thereof)

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What are you talking about? You were babbling about it being impossible for sex to take place in a crowded room
No, I'm saying it's asinine that a sentient species packed in like sardines, in a planet "encased in a living biomass" would be having sex and giving birth to children in the writhing human rainforest that is the planet Gideon. Not because it's impossible -- by story logic, it clearly is -- but because a society that allows this to happen is just BEGGING for the evolutionary weedwhacker.

If people with a basically empty planet available to them (us Earthlings) have sex in crowded rooms as a matter of routine
We don't, as a matter of routine, nor was there a time when it was. Even YOU conceded that it was something that sometimes occurred under unusual circumstances -- bitterly cold winters, overcrowded communities, etc -- but is not and has never been the norm.

That IS the norm on Gideon. That is the whole premise of the story. And it's gotten so bad that they've been forced to abduct an amorous foreigner in the hope he'll give the boss' daughter the clap.

there's no particular reason to think the Gideonites who don't even have a choice would find the practice in any way inconvenient or abhorrent.
That's kinda my point. Most of them are obviously perfectly happy living in a society so overpopulated you can't even take a shit without hitting somebody's shoes.
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