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Re: TMP Enterprise by Pony R. Horton

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Nice image. Did you build the models of both the Enterprise and the shipyard yourself?
No, I wish I had those skills! The model of the Drydock I got from Foundation 3D, and the ship either came from there as well or possibly from a friend.

I did everything else though.

Thanks for all the complements!
In that case, it's usually considered very proper to credit the author of a mesh on the image itself.

Good work though, very nice image.
GOOD CALL, and MY BAD!!!! Thank you, Sojourner!

Due to my work with Phase II, I have a lot of different LightWave 3D models, some of them dating back a few years, some of unknown origin.

However, in THIS case, to the best of my knowledge, the mesh credits for such wonderful work, in this case are:

Drydock model - Prologic9

The Enterprise refit - Dennis Bailey

Shuttle 38 - Vko8
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