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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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Yeah I've noticed that Moonves seems to be very well inclined towards Netflix where other channels regard it as Satan. And of all the possibilities kicked around, it makes the most sense for a new Star Trek series to be launched as a joint CBS-Netflix project. There may be hope yet!
This week it was announced that CBS has made a deal with Hulu for
more than 2,600 episodes from CBS library series
classics such as “Star Trek,”
to be available on Hulu Plus only in January 2013.
So that is the first step to a relationship with CBS. I don't think Hulu Plus would necessarily be the right place for a new Star Trek series to debut but you never know if they decide not to go with a regular linear TV channel.
Hulu Plus to stream and iTunes (for download to own) is a possibility if they decide to go with this route.
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