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^ That kinda WAS meant to be on topic. It appears there's a really large number of researchers who are really into the ancient aliens theory, but very few of them are actual legitimate archeologists doing any useful work in that field. All the support for that theory has come from a collection of intelligent but overly imaginative people WITHOUT any real expertise in the field (mis)interpreting research done by people who do.

I dare say paranormal studies tend to have this feature too, except paranormalism has become a field in its own right (sort of like astrobiology, ironically). Basically, you have a bunch of people who have PhDs in some totally unrelated field telling themselves "I'm smart enough to do Einstein field equations in my sleep, I can surely figure out what kind of device was used to build that stone building!" and then coming up with all kinds of erroneous conclusions based on second-hand data they are not trained to deal with properly; in that case, the PhDs are no better than amateurs, made worse by the fact that when critics figure out that they're bullshitting, they can fall back on their advanced degrees in their ACTUAL field and appeal to authority.
Ancient aliens on Earth: Waste of time, I think most of us agree on that.

Looking into space with radio telescopes and other instruments is ironically a form of cosmic archaeolgy since we're looking back in time the further we peer.

Anyone can speculate about these topics whether they are scientists or not, though I may give some credence over above a laymen when it comes to a scientist even its not their normal field.

Interesting that you are so fixed and unimaginative with integration in scientific fields. I just saw a video recently with scientists discussing how important it is these days not to overspecialize, so that researchers in different fields can more usefully share relative information. I believe this will be happening more and more, and often in a speculative context, which to me is a fantastic exercise in the imagination. Simply to dismiss interested parties because they dont have a PHD in a certain field seems counterproductive.
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