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Re: Labeouf Wants 18 Million To Return To Transformers 4

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I will say one thing, though: if the Bourne series can be successful without Matt Damon (The Bourne Legacy had worldwide grosses on par with all but the third film in the series), anything is possible.
But, this is not entirely true. I saw the trailer for that film with I went to see TDK this summer, and Jason Bourne was plastered all over it. He was in the trailer just as much, if not more, than Jeremy Renner's character. I personally thought Matt Damon was going to make an appearance in the film until I read somewhere later that he wasn't going to. So, I think the film was definitely riding coattails. Still, I do hope they team up in the next one if there is a next one, and if Legacy is any good. I haven't seen it yet, but I probably will.

I would say that the Bourne series is surviving without Matt Damon, not succeeding, because every movie until Legacy was more successful than the last. In box office receipts, Legacy is a regression.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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