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Re: What happens if someone from the past shows up...

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What makes you think the Edo provided such information in the first place? There's no indication they did.
I blame Tasha Yar for not doing her job as Security Chief and learning the laws first before beaming down to the planet.

Worf was better than Tasha all along™
Again, what indication is there that the Edo shared any information whatsoever about what acts constitute crimes and what the punishment for all crimes is on their world?
Wasn't there a brief conversation at the very beginning of the episode about how Yar had researched their laws and found they were basically simple, commonplace things? And then later on it was mentioned that her law research revealed nothing whatsoever about punishment? Seems to me that Tasha should have done a bit more research.

Of course, I've always felt myself that they shouldn't have beamed down to the planet in the first place. The Edo seemed to me like a culture that wasn't yet ready for first contact and they should have been left alone under the Prime Directive.
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