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Re: Federation planets and internal revolution

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If I understand right, the Federation itself is not supposed to intervene in member planets' internal affairs. Thanks.
Where'd you get that idea?

First, the Prime Directive was a standing order for Starfleet personnel to not interfere with the development of primitive cultures, to basically not set themselves up as gods to primitive natives.

Then, the Prime Directive became the Federation's foreign policy?! Don't interfere with Klingons. Don't interfere with the Romulans. Hell, Picard told Sisko that he couldn't violate the Prime Directive with respect to Bajor, even though Sisko's mission was to bring the Bajorans into the Federation! If that's not interference in the affairs of a world, I don't know what is!

Now supposedly the Federation can't interfere with the affairs of its own members? What's the point of joining, then? Why does the Federation exist? What use is it if it can't do anything?
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