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It's not ME that sees it that way. Your mentors at routinely tiptoe around this issue: not all or even most of the KSC jobs have skill sets that would make them suitable hires at SpaceX or Sierra Nevada. It's not so much that their experience is a problem, it's that their experience is increasingly irrelevant.
Wrong, they are the exact same skill sets, except for Orbiter tile work and SRM assembly which there is no need for. Working around rockets is working around rockets, fasteners need to tightened, objects need to be craned, connectors need to be mated, systems need to be tested, propellants loaded, etc.

Spacex workers at the Cape are all former workers from USA, ULA, Boeing, LM, etc. It is the all same work. Spacex and SNC are not using new technology. Any A&P or aerospace tech could and do work for them.

Boeing employees were lucky, many were able to go to Carolina to the new 787 plant.
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