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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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His value is super high now, if they could get a few really good pieces back. I would do it, sure it would hurt to see him go. Only Mets game I went to this year was at the end of the season to see if he would win his 20th game, (he did not that night.)
No one is going to give up a top prospect or a genuinely good player for a 38-year-old knuckleballer with a funky arm right now when there's Zach Greinke on the market. Trading him is a horrible idea; they'd be better off holding him for prospects at the deadline or tendering him after the season.
I agree you'd get more for him if he's having another good season next year and another team that is an arm short needs to rent him for a playoff run.

I'd be leery of signing him long term. He's getting up there in age, his arm is missing a ligament, he's only had one really good year and it took him until 37 to do so, and knuckleballers are maddeningly inconsistent. If it's on, the opposing hitters will be baffled. If it's not, you're basically throwing BP.

A team will be more likely to overpay if they are one pitcher away from a legit chance at a title run than in November.

Still, I'd hate to see him go. It was a nice story this year.
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