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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I think that at least part of the problem with these shots can be found with the original effects work. Take the vortex shot from Time's Squared. The vortex itself looks stunning, put apparently the SFX team that made the original shot decided to use the two footer for the flyby shot which 25 years later looks poor in close up in HD. The HD restoration is true to the original shot, maybe to a fault, but it still is a faithfull recomposition of the original work. I think the effects shots in the second season weren't as good to begin with as the first season effects.
I think overall, the VFX were better and more ambitious than in season one... but I suspect the reason Robert Legato used the inferior 2-foot miniature for this particular shot was due to the camera move -- the ship had to appear to turn around 180 degrees and then recede from camera by quite a bit. There probably wasn't enough room on the stage floor at Image G to do that move with the larger 6-foot miniature.*

And of course that was one of the primary considerations for creating the intermediate-sized 4-foot miniature. They needed something smaller than the cumbersome 6-footer, but with more detail than the 2-footer.

*I suppose they could've used a wider lens, but the 6-footer would have looked too distorted up close.
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